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The front cover of On modern art.

A diagram made by Dick Higgins of his conception of intermedia.

Dorothy Shakespeare's Snow Scene. This illustration appears on the page opposite Guadier-Brzeska's death note, giving the reader a visual sense of the stillness of death.

Poems by Ezra Pound for BLAST 2

Final page of modernist art critic Herbert Read's introduction to On modern art.

Page detailing title of work, author of introduction, and publisher.

Pasted-in picture of a printed sketch of Guadier-Brzeska's sculpture of Ezra Pound's Head. Note the resemblance to Hoa Hakananai'a, the moai sculpture from Easter Island. Also note the sliver of a fingerprint on each copy. The first copy (on the…

Virginia Woolf Portrait.jpg
Portrait of Virginia Woolf

Vanessa Bell.jpg
Portrait of Vanessa Bell

Front cover of Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems 7th Printing

Two illustrations by Helen Sanders, Isle of Laputa & Atlantic City.

First page of Gaudier-Brzeska's Vortex (Written from the Trenches. The piece is a Vorticist manifesto praising the war as "a great remedy." A death notice on the second page, titled "Mort Pour La Patrie" or "Death for the Fatherland," informs the…

Portrait Photograph of Herbert Read in 1966

"Types of the Russian Army," illustration by Jacob Kramer.

Two illustrations:
1. Engine
2. Design
and a poem, Visions of Mud, by Jessica Dismorr

First index page as well as second page of "Ten Years of a New Rhythm" by John C. Thrilwall from Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems

List of additional publications from John Lane. Unlike the first volume of BLAST, which boasted blue lines around its publisher advertisement pages, this one is entrapped by a black border, due to the unavailability of blue ink.

Publisher's advertisements from BLAST 1, featuring a blue rubrication (unlike BLAST 2)

published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf.jpeg
Publisher's Inscription for the Hogarth Press
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