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Glassco %22Buffy%22.jpg
Childhood photo of Glassco with brother David and nursemaid, 1910. Included in Brian Busby's A Gentleman of Pleasure provided courtesy of UVic Libraries.

Portrait found in Thorreau: His Home, Friends, and Books by Annie Russell Marble

Frances Burney.jpg
Image of a portrait of Frances Burney by Edward Francesco Burney


John Glassco, portrait, 1976. Photo from Brian Busby’s A Gentleman of Pleasure, courtesy of UVic Libraries.

IMG_2701 copy.jpg
Opening page of George Sewell's Sir Walter Raleigh, A Tragedy.

Portrait miniature of Sir Walter Ralegh done by Nicholas Hilliard in 1585

Thomas Gainsborough's 1769 portrait of David Garrick with a bust of Shakespeare

"Oscar Wilde in his favourite coat" - three quarter length portrait of Oscar Wilde by Napoleon Sarony
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