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Cover of Macmillan edition of Mazo de la Roche's The Building of Jalna (first edition published one year previously by Boston, Little, Brown, and Co. in 1944).

Back cover of Morley Callaghan's Stories

Cover of Morley Callaghan's Stories (1959)

Back cover of W.H. Blake's translation of Louis Hémon's Maria Chapdelaine

Cover of 1921 Macmillan translation of Maria Chapdelaine

Back cover of first edition Home Truths by Mavis Gallant

Back cover of first edition copy of Green Pitcher by Dorothy Livesay

First edition cover of Dorothy Livesay's collection of poems, Green Pitcher

wreck of the deutschland.jpg
First page of "The Wreck of the Deutschland"

Swamp-Angel-back-cover- 19540001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson

Mrs-Golightly-back-cover- 19610001.jpg
First edition back cover of Mrs Golightly, and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson

Love-and-Salt-Water-back-cover- 19560001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson

Hetty-Dorval-back-cover- 19470001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson

The-Equations-of-Love-Cover- 19520001.jpg
First edition cover of The Equations of Love by Ethel Wilson

Hetty-Dorval-Cover- 19470001.jpg
First edition cover of Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson

Love-and-Salt-Water-Cover- 19560001.jpg
First edition cover of Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson

Mrs-Golightly-Cover- 19610001.jpg
First edition cover of Mrs Golightly, and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson

Swamp-Angel-Cover- 19540001.jpg
First edition cover of Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel

Dedication to Catherine Hopkins

Title page of volume 1 of the first collected edition of The Haunted Hotel
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