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The final pages of the text in Heinemann's 1896 edition of TRBOC

crop to lead.jpg
Close up of the character 拓 in the Heinemann edition of The Red Badge of Courage

Heinemann opening date pick out.jpg
The opening of Heinemann's edition of The Red Badge of Courage.

Title page of John Donne's 1648 edition of Biathanatos.

4 Title page.jpg
The title page of The Present State of Nova Scotia: With a Brief Account of Canada from the second edition published in 1787.

Cover of the first volume of The Strand Magazine.

Title page of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, with alterations and an additional scene by David Garrick, as performed at the Theatres-Royal in London and Dublin. 1768. From volume one of a two-volume collection of plays.

Portrait of John Donne, painted by an unknown English artist.

The watermark that appears on the paper William Creech used to print The Present State of Nova Scotia.

1 Front Cover.jpg
Cover of the 1787 second edition of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia

3 Spine.jpg
The cover of The Present State of Nova Scotia held by Special Collections at the University of Victoria

6 Author letter 1.jpg
First page of the dedication letter in the second edition of The Present State of Nova Scotia, addressed to Lord John Sheffield.

5 Publication page.jpg
The front page of The Present State of Nova Scotia as it appears in the second edition printed in 1787. Contains the publication information.

10 flower pressing.jpg
Evidence of a flower having been pressed in the pages of this copy of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia.

"Introduction" page of the first volume of The Strand Magazine.

Handwritten marginalia on the back of the last page in Donne's Biathanatos.

Decorative "A" at the beginning of the dedication in Donne's Biathanatos.

Decorative "B" at the beginning of the Preface in Donne's Biathanatos.

Alterations to typography in the words "selfe-preservation" (p49) and "self-homicide" (p41) in Donne's Biathanatos.

Dedicatory epistle to Lord Phillip Harbert, written by John Donne's son, in Biathanatos.
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