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Iberian Gothic Rotunda bookhand in black ink, with enlarged word "CLEMENS" to indicate the start of the papal bull, in Latin.

Text in Spanish, in legible Iberian Gothic Rotunda bookhand, as well as an elaborate rubricated capital P, decorated in brown and purple ink.

Rough, plain codex cover on parchment.

First page of manuscript, demonstrating Iberian Gothic Rotunda bookhand in black ink (Spanish), rubricated (red) Latin text, and a decorated capital.

Small word in margins of lower right-hand corner of verso (page on the left) to line up with first word on following page. Text in black ink, legible, Iberian Gothic Rotunda bookhand.

A portion of an early manuscript (12th-14th century?), probably part of a breviary, used as binding support in the front cover of the codex.

Paper insert describing the book.
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