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Woodcut imprint of jousting scene from Pericles spanning two tall quarto sized pages of Zerkal paper, surrounding text in Poliphilus and Blado type-face.

Two Zerkal pages containing an image of Pericles and Marina reuniting after years of separation, surrounded by text. The image came from a woodcut carved by Simon Brett.

Two quarto size Zerkal pages with Andrea Taylor's calligraphic presentation of the Gower's opening lines.

William Hogarth's 1745 painting of David Garrick as Richard III in Act V Scene III of Shakespeare's play. Before the Battle of Bosworth, Richard wakes haunted by the ghosts of those he has murdered.

Benjamin Wilson's 1753 painting of David Garrick and George Anne Bellamy in "Romeo and Juliet", Act V, Scene iii, depicting Juliet awaking before Romeo's death

Thomas Gainsborough's 1769 portrait of David Garrick with a bust of Shakespeare

One tall quarto sized piece of Zerkal paper with a portrait of an old Pericles, a column of text printed in Poliphilus and Bando, and a small image of Marina and another woman.

Two tall, quarto size, Zerkal pages containing portraits of a young Pericles and Thaïsa, with surrounding text. The type-face is Poliphilus and Bando.

Purple goat leather cover of The Play of Pericles Prince of Tyre. Stamped gold title. Tall quarto format.

David Garrick's revision of the death scene in Romeo and Juliet. Veering from the original, Garrick's version has Juliet wake before Romeo's death, allowing the lovers a final farewell.

Two tall quarto sized Zerkal pages containing the title page information of Barbarian Press's edition of Pericles.The type-faces are Poliphilus and Bando. The pale blue calligraphy, centre page, was drawn by Andrea Taylor.
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