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Hogarth Essays -Anonymity Cover.jpg
Cover Illustration for Anonymity

Hogarth Essays - contemporary techniques cover.jpg
Cover Illustration for Contemporary Techniques of Poetry

Hogarth Essays - In Retreat Cover.jpg
Cover Illustration for In Retreat published at the Hogarth Press

Hogarth Essays - Poetry & Criticism Cover.jpg
Cover Illustration for Poetry and Criticism

Cover illustration ofThe Hogarth Essays: Homage to John Drydenby T.S. Eliot, illustrated by Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf's sister.

published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf.jpeg
Publisher's Inscription for the Hogarth Press

Bell Logo.jpg
Hogarth Press Logo designed by Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell.jpg
Portrait of Vanessa Bell

Vanessa and Virginia.jpg
Portrait of Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf

Bell Portrait.jpeg
Portrait of Vanessa Bell

Woolf Portrait by Vanessa Bell.jpeg
Oil on Canvas portrait of Virginia Woolf by Vanessa Bell
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