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Frontispiece of the first edition of Sir Walter Raleigh's The History of the World. Woodcut illustration by Reginold Elstrack. Folio sized image on rag-based paper.

Square illustration of a turtle from Stories and Legends of Garden Flowers. It walks on the ground with dirt and grass, with mushrooms behind the turtle.

Woodcut imprint of jousting scene from Pericles spanning two tall quarto sized pages of Zerkal paper, surrounding text in Poliphilus and Blado type-face.

Two tall, quarto size, Zerkal pages containing portraits of a young Pericles and Thaïsa, with surrounding text. The type-face is Poliphilus and Bando.

A tall quarto sized Zerkal page with a woodcut imprint of the goddess Diana descending upon a sleeping Pericles.

A two page spread of the first storm scene from Pericles printed on two tall quarto size Zerkal pages. Images are printed from woodcuts, engraved by Simon Brett. The type-faces are Poliphilus and Bando.

Two Zerkal pages containing images of the courtly dancing scene in Pericles, framed with text. The image on the right page depicts Pericles and Thaïsa's first dance.

Two Zerkal pages containing an image of Pericles and Marina reuniting after years of separation, surrounded by text. The image came from a woodcut carved by Simon Brett.

Decorative "A" at the beginning of the dedication in Donne's Biathanatos.

Decorative "B" at the beginning of the Preface in Donne's Biathanatos.

Section heading for the first part of Donne's Biathanatos, "Of Law and Nature."

First page of Chapter I in John Donne's Pseudo-Martyr.

The left cropped image of a two page woodcut spread by Simon Brett featuring Thaïsa reuniting with Pericles and Marina. The type-setting was performed by Crispin Elsted. The paper is Zerkal paper.

The right page of a two page spread featuring Simon Brett's engraving of Pericles and Marina being reunited with Thaïsa. This is the second version of the woodcut--the first was rejected by Jan Elsted, who thought Pericles' expression could be more…

A cropped image of Simon Brett's portrait of an aged Pericles with Crispin Elsted's type-set beneath, all on Zerkal paper. Brett carved the image from wood supplied by Barbarian Press. There are a series of these portraits throughout the book to…

Cropped image of Simon Brett's woodcut imprint of Antiochus' incestuous relationship with his daughter. In this edition, Brett frequenlty uses comic-book style images to imply the "dumbshows" or mime work which would have likely occurred in the…

Cropped image from the Agas Map from the Map of Early Modern London depicting the proximity of the Tower of London to the Thames.

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Opening page of George Sewell's Sir Walter Raleigh, A Tragedy.
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