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Nice 1929.jpg
Photograph of Glassco, Taylor, and Sibley Dreis, Nice, 1929. Included in Brian Busby's A Gentleman of Pleasure provided courtesy of UVic Libraries. 

Glassco %22Buffy%22.jpg
Childhood photo of Glassco with brother David and nursemaid, 1910. Included in Brian Busby's A Gentleman of Pleasure provided courtesy of UVic Libraries.

Memoirs of Montparnasse.jpg
Illustrated portrait of Glassco included in Memoirs of Montparnasse by Adolf Dehn, Paris 1928. 

John Glassco, portrait, 1976. Photo from Brian Busby’s A Gentleman of Pleasure, courtesy of UVic Libraries.

Ethel Wilson's author biography featured on the back of her novel, Swamp Angel (Macmillan, 1954).

Bentley's Miscellany is an excellent example of early Victorian periodical art published by primarily by Richard Bentley between 1837 and 1868.
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