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This image precedes the verbal content in the first issue of The Girl's Own Paper: Supplementary Volume [1915]. It originally appeared in the special Christmas edition for 1911.

An editorial with pictures and sewing patterns for suitable girls' coats, [1915].

A black and white image on glossy paper from The Girl's Own Paper: Supplementary Volume [1915]

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 22.02.21.png
The first page of the short story "Zinnia" by Hazel Phillips Hanshew

fcb0094 - illustrated shilling series.jpg
An advertisement found on the last page of "The Cowslip, or More Cautionary Tales in Verse," reprinted by the Leadenhall Press in 1899.

"A Double Barreled Announcement." Boys' Life: The Boy Scouts' Magazine January 1913, page 1

Cover for D.C. Beard's The Jack of All Trades (1921)

pages and pictures of forgotten childrens books cover.jpg
The cover of Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children's Books. An illustration from "Poor Puss," laid in gold-leaf on blue cardboard.

fcb0089 - cowslip cover.jpg
Cover to "The Cowslip, or More Cautionary Tales in Verse." Originally printed 1811, reprinted 1899.

Beard chapter 2.jpg
D.C. Beard's The Jack of All Trades Chapter 2heading

Some Points on Camping Boys 1921 Life June .jpg
"Some Points on Camping," from Boys' Life June 1921, page 26

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