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Household Words Cover.jpg
Cover of Household Words, vol. XVAmerican edition

Swamp-Angel-Cover- 19540001.jpg
First edition cover of Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel

Cover of the first edition of Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins

The cover of Heinemann 1896 edition of The Red Badge of Courage. Plain with filigree.

Cover of June 1982's Heresies magazine, featuring marginalia along the top. This issue is the "Women's Pages" issue, which is number 14 of a total of 27 issues.

hookham40001 (1).jpg
Photograph of publication advertisement detailing other works by Radcliffe available from same publisher.

hookham60001 (1).jpg
Photograph of the title page for 1794 (possibly first) edition of the play.

VIF-Cover with binder.jpg
The hardbound marble boarded design by Brian Brett was published in an edition of 1,500 copies. Twenty-six hardbound, slip-cased copies of this special series were lettered from A to Z and signed by Glassco as translator.

Standing cover shows hardbound marble boarded design as well as cut (with some uncut) pages.

titlepage0001 (1).jpg
Edited detail of the frontispiece—an illustration corresponding with p. 62 of the this edition of the novel—Adeline through the ruined abbey from a mysterious man.

Photograph of exterior of the 1835 Joseph Smith edition ofThe Romance of the Forest, exhibiting advanced dilapidation.

Close up photograph of the deteriorating spine for this copy ofThe Romance of the Forest,exhibiting compositional process and decay.

A photograph of a previous owner's signature in this copy of Joseph Smith's 1835 edition ofThe Romance of the Forest.

title20001 (1).jpg
High resolution scan of the title page for Joseph Smith's 1835 edition ofThe Romance of the Forest.

Scanned image of the frontispiece for Joseph Smith's 1835 edition ofThe Romance of the Forest.

pub0001 (1).jpg
High resolution scan of the final page of Joseph Smith's 1835 edition of The Romance of the Forest.

Photograph of exterior, featuring pages / main body of the text, for Smith's 1835 edition of the novel.

High resolution scan of cover and spine of Smith's 1835 edition ofThe Romance.
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