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Title page of Romeo and Juliet (Garrick's revision) from a 25-volume 1808 collection: Inchbald's Theatre

Front cover and spine of Plays, with the spine showing evidence of rebacking

Dedication to David Garrick by the author of The Duenna, contained within the script

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Final page of George Sewell's Sir Walter Raleigh, A Tragedy containing Walter Raleigh's final speech.

First two pages of Garrick's version of Romeo and Juliet showing the list of dramatis personæ (Garrick and Susannah Cibber starred in this production) and the beginning of Act I Scene I.

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Opening page of George Sewell's Sir Walter Raleigh, A Tragedy.

William Hogarth's 1745 painting of David Garrick as Richard III in Act V Scene III of Shakespeare's play. Before the Battle of Bosworth, Richard wakes haunted by the ghosts of those he has murdered.

Benjamin Wilson's 1753 painting of David Garrick and George Anne Bellamy in "Romeo and Juliet", Act V, Scene iii, depicting Juliet awaking before Romeo's death

Thomas Gainsborough's 1769 portrait of David Garrick with a bust of Shakespeare

David Garrick's revision of the death scene in Romeo and Juliet. Veering from the original, Garrick's version has Juliet wake before Romeo's death, allowing the lovers a final farewell.

Title page of Boadicia, A Tragedy by Richard Glover

Title page of Harvest-Home: A Comic Opera in Two Acts as performed, with universal applause, at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market

Title page of Love in the East: or, Adventures of Twelve Hours: A Comic Opera in Three Acts

Title page of Paul and Virginia: A Musical Drama in Two Acts

Title Page of Peeping Tom of Coventry: A Comic Opera 

Title page of Rivers: or the East Indian. A Comedy in Five Acts

Title page of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, with alterations and an additional scene by David Garrick, as performed at the Theatres-Royal in London and Dublin. 1768. From volume one of a two-volume collection of plays.

Title page of The Castle-Spectre: A Drama in Five Acts

Title page of The Adventurers: A Farce in Two Acts 

Title page of The Battle of Hastings: A Tragedy
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