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Bentley's Miscellany is an excellent example of early Victorian periodical art published by primarily by Richard Bentley between 1837 and 1868.

Cover of the first edition of The Bell Jar

Cover of the first collected edition of The Haunted Hotel vol. 1

hardcopy of special limited edition of 26 copies, signed by the translator. This is copy no. 4.

Title page of All The Year Round vol 2

Cover of Peter Pauper Press edition of The Red Badge of Courage, Pub. 1956.

Back page advertisement for pears soap company in Lippincotts magazine

Swamp-Angel-Cover- 19540001.jpg
First edition cover of Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Lippincott's Magazine Front Cover 1890

Mrs-Golightly-Cover- 19610001.jpg
First edition cover of Mrs Golightly, and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson

Love-and-Salt-Water-Cover- 19560001.jpg
First edition cover of Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson

Hetty-Dorval-Cover- 19470001.jpg
First edition cover of Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson

The-Equations-of-Love-Cover- 19520001.jpg
First edition cover of The Equations of Love by Ethel Wilson

Hetty-Dorval-back-cover- 19470001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson

Love-and-Salt-Water-back-cover- 19560001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson

Mrs-Golightly-back-cover- 19610001.jpg
First edition back cover of Mrs Golightly, and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson

The-Innocent-Traveller-back-cover- 19600001.jpg
Back cover of 1949 paperback edition of The Innocent Traveller

Swamp-Angel-back-cover- 19540001.jpg
Back cover of first edition Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson

Cover of Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel - 1990 print by McClelland & Stewart featuring a painting by E.J. Hughes
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