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An illustration by Arthur Rackham. Edwardian Children's Literature, illustrations

The front cover of the "Mothers, Mags & Movie Stars" issue of Heresies, published January 1986

The front cover of Winter 1978's Heresies on "Women's Traditional Arts and The Politics of Aesthetics"

The front cover of the eighth issue of Heresies magazine, published in 1979

The front cover of the first issue of Heresies magazine, published in January 1977

Page 4 of June 1982's Heresies featuring a photo from a deodorizing soap with an added caption, readings "Careful honey, he's anti-choice," made by Sharon Niemczyk

A black and white image on glossy paper from The Girl's Own Paper: Supplementary Volume [1915]

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 15.47.24.png
This is the last of four "editor's page"s in The Girl's Own Paper: Supplementary Volume [1915]. It originally appeared in the special Christmas issue for 1915.

An excerpt of the table of contents in June 1982's Heresies, directing people to "insert your art into the magazine" on "the blank page" at page 16

Various editorial statements from different members of the Heresies Collective on page three of the first issue of Heresies.

Various editorial statements from different members of the Heresies Collective on page two of the first issue of Heresies.

Poem by Ntozake Shange called "Moon Journey" on page 34 of June 1982's Heresies. 

Page 7 of June 1982's Heresies, featuring writing by Faith Ringgold and editorial remarks written by Michele Wallace. 

A collage entitled "reading between the lines" created by Helen S. Langa in June 1982's Heresies

From page 17 of June 1982's Heresies. Janet Olivia Henry's collage called "Coming Soon, Daisy's Christian Cullid Lady"

A collage of images of women protesting in June 1982's Heresies, created by Dolores Neuman

One comment reading "DIKE Magazine" and a reply reading, "PISS OFF (ANYWAY DON'T YOU KNOW DYKE IS THE NAME OF A GREEK GODDESS YOU JERK)" on the cover page of June 1982's Heresies. Both comments have been (unsuccessfully) covered over with black…

A poem entitled "(fragment)" by Thulani Davis on page 13 of June 1982's Heresies magazine.
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