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A cropped image of Simon Brett's portrait of an aged Pericles with Crispin Elsted's type-set beneath, all on Zerkal paper. Brett carved the image from wood supplied by Barbarian Press. There are a series of these portraits throughout the book to…

10 flower pressing.jpg
Evidence of a flower having been pressed in the pages of this copy of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia.

5 Publication page.jpg
The front page of The Present State of Nova Scotia as it appears in the second edition printed in 1787. Contains the publication information.

6 Author letter 1.jpg
First page of the dedication letter in the second edition of The Present State of Nova Scotia, addressed to Lord John Sheffield.

3 Spine.jpg
The cover of The Present State of Nova Scotia held by Special Collections at the University of Victoria

1 Front Cover.jpg
Cover of the 1787 second edition of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia

The watermark that appears on the paper William Creech used to print The Present State of Nova Scotia.

4 Title page.jpg
The title page of The Present State of Nova Scotia: With a Brief Account of Canada from the second edition published in 1787.

Purple goat leather cover of The Play of Pericles Prince of Tyre. Stamped gold title. Tall quarto format.
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