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AMarriageinHighLife_Title0001 copy1.pdf
Title page of A Marriage in High Life by Lady Charlotte Bury within a book containing A Marriage in High Life, by Lady Charlotte Bury, and Evelina, by Miss Burney

Beard inside cover.jpg
D.C. Beard's The Jack of All Trades Title Leaf

Title page of Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Detail from the title page of Donne's Biathanatos, indicating that the book was approved for publication.

Title page of John Donne's 1648 edition of Biathanatos.

Close up views of the title page of Donne's Biathanatos.

Close up view of the title page of Donne's 1648 edition of Biathanatos.

miles poetry.jpg
Title Page of The Poets and the Poetry of the Century

A Little Book of Songs and Ballads Title Page.jpg
This is the title page to the book: A Little Book of Songs and Ballads 

Cover of Macmillan Canada's yearly catalogue of Canadian writers.

Title page of Thoreau's Walking as published by Riverside Press

Walking0026 (2).jpg
Illustration appearing on title page for Thoreau's Walking

Walking0002 (2).jpg
Illustration appearing on title page for Thoreau's Walking

Title page of the 1610 edition of John Donne's Pseudo-Martyr.

Title page of volume 1 of the first collected edition of The Haunted Hotel
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