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Purple goat leather cover of The Play of Pericles Prince of Tyre. Stamped gold title. Tall quarto format.

Title page of John Donne's 1648 edition of Biathanatos.

4 Title page.jpg
The title page of The Present State of Nova Scotia: With a Brief Account of Canada from the second edition published in 1787.

The watermark that appears on the paper William Creech used to print The Present State of Nova Scotia.

1 Front Cover.jpg
Cover of the 1787 second edition of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia

3 Spine.jpg
The cover of The Present State of Nova Scotia held by Special Collections at the University of Victoria

6 Author letter 1.jpg
First page of the dedication letter in the second edition of The Present State of Nova Scotia, addressed to Lord John Sheffield.

5 Publication page.jpg
The front page of The Present State of Nova Scotia as it appears in the second edition printed in 1787. Contains the publication information.

10 flower pressing.jpg
Evidence of a flower having been pressed in the pages of this copy of S. Hollingsworth's The Present State of Nova Scotia.

Woodcut imprint of jousting scene from Pericles spanning two tall quarto sized pages of Zerkal paper, surrounding text in Poliphilus and Blado type-face.

Two tall, quarto size, Zerkal pages containing portraits of a young Pericles and Thaïsa, with surrounding text. The type-face is Poliphilus and Bando.

Two tall quarto sized Zerkal pages containing comic vignettes of the riddle scene from Pericles, surrounding text and also a portrati of a young Pericles. The Type-face is Poliphilus and Bando.

One tall quarto sized piece of Zerkal paper with a portrait of an old Pericles, a column of text printed in Poliphilus and Bando, and a small image of Marina and another woman.

Two tall quarto sized Zerkal pages containing the title page information of Barbarian Press's edition of Pericles.The type-faces are Poliphilus and Bando. The pale blue calligraphy, centre page, was drawn by Andrea Taylor.

Two quarto size Zerkal pages with Andrea Taylor's calligraphic presentation of the Gower's opening lines.

A two page spread of the first storm scene from Pericles printed on two tall quarto size Zerkal pages. Images are printed from woodcuts, engraved by Simon Brett. The type-faces are Poliphilus and Bando.

Two Zerkal pages containing images of the courtly dancing scene in Pericles, framed with text. The image on the right page depicts Pericles and Thaïsa's first dance.

Two Zerkal pages containing an image of Pericles and Marina reuniting after years of separation, surrounded by text. The image came from a woodcut carved by Simon Brett.

Decorative "A" at the beginning of the dedication in Donne's Biathanatos.
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